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Windsor Campus

Residency Matches

We are proud to say that Windsor University currently have residents in various states in the US as well different provinces of Canada. We also have graduates in different parts of the world as practicing doctors.

Affordable Tuition

Windsor provides an atmosphere where students can get their education at a very reasonable cost in the most suitable environment.

Four Year MD Program

This program is designed for students that have committed fully and are willing to dedicate themselves to the study of medicine. It builds a very strong knowledge base in a short period of time, hard work is essential. Students that have graduated from the four year program have time and time again commented on how quickly they were able to achieve their goals and at such a reasonable price.

Free Clinic

Students for Health (SFH) is a student found organization with a goal of community outreach, this is done by providing free health screening (e.g. checking blood pressure levels, glucose levels, body mass index to determine weight status, etc) as well as offering free medical advice were needed to the locals of St.kitts. The organization has been in existence for over two years and the awareness of her services, in Saint Kitts, is growing by the day.

Blood Drive

Once a year the Health Clinic of Windsor conducts a blood drive to aid the local hospital, Joseph n France Hospital. With the low population this proves to be extremely useful, allowing for larger quantities of different blood groups to be available.

The blood drive held at the Windsor campus is an opportunity for students to donate blood as a means to give back to the community of St. Kitts. Thus far, they have been very successful with an overwhelming number of volunteers coming forward to donate blood.

Educational Seminar

Windsor is very active in educating the youth of St. Kitts. The seminars are held in public venues as well as high schools. The focus is to educate the youth in proper diet, the benefits of exercise, sanitation, safe sex, and many other health safety tips with regards to the community.
These seminars are well attended and the response from the community has always been incredible. The overall benefit of these seminars started presenting themselves after the first seminar.


Academic Organizations:

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Open House

Tentatiation & Dates
1. June 25th, 2016: Davenport University Information Webinar
2. June 26th, 2016: Houston Open house
3. July 1st – July 3rd: American Telugu Association (ATA) Conference
4. July 1st – July 3rd: Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America (FETNA)
5. July 1st- July 3rd: Cultural Association of Bengal North America (NABC)
6. July 9th: Windsor University Webinar
7. July 9th: Detroit, Michigan Open house
8. July 10th: Pontiac, Michigan Open house
9. July 15th- 16th: Bangladesh Medical Association of North America (BMANA)
10. July 23rd: Windsor University Webinar
11. July 30th: Chicago and Suburb Open House
12. August 6h: Windsor University Webinar
13. August 6th: Newark, New Jersey Open house
14. August 7th: Queens/ Long island, New York Open house
15. August 27th: San Juan, Puerto Rico Open house
16. August 28th: Windsor University Webinar


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Upcoming Webinars


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